FTC Offering Cash Prize To Help Protect IoT

The Federal Trade Commission is offering a cash price to the public and help come up with a solution that will help protect IoT (Internet of Things).    In the recent years, more and more consumers are buying items that are directly connected to the internet.  This is leading to millions of devices that are easily used for attacks and spread vulnerabilities.

The program is called IoT Home Inspector Challenge and FTC plan to offer up to $25,000 to the winner who is able to come up with a tool that will protect any out of date software in millions of IoT devices.

According to Mark, DDoS Attack analyst at Psychz, said it’s nice to see government taking actions to help spread the word of IoT protection but it is also important for internet providers to help protect the network against attacks.

“Every day American consumers are offered innovative new products and services to make their homes smarter,” said Jessica Rich.  “Consumers want these devices to be secure, so we’re asking for creativity from the public – the tinkerers, thinkers and entrepreneurs – to help them keep device software up-to-date.”

According to FTC, “An ideal tool might be a physical device that the consumer can add to his or her home network that would check and install updates for other IoT devices on that home network, or it might be an app or cloud-based service, or a dashboard or other user interface.  Contestants also have the option of adding features such as those that would address hard-coded, factory default or easy-to-guess passwords.”